Breast Massage

A luxurious and soothing breast massage that will benefit every woman. The Wellness Breast massage begins with an upper back massage to improve blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, ease aches and relieve tension. Underarm and breast massage follows, to encourage blood circulation, detoxification, lymphatic drainage and breast firmness. A breast care mask is then applied to nourish and brighten the skin of the breasts.

A good breast massage session can offer you great relaxation. Some female experience multiple relaxation in one session. I offer one of the finest and best breast relaxation services to female who loves such things. My services are very discreet and has privacy assurance. 

Our breast massage session varies from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. We massage each breast for 30 to 45 minutes so that it can be completely relaxed and you can get many satisfied relaxation in one session. Then your other breast will be massage like first one and you will experience high intensity relaxation this time. 


Benefits of Beast massage

  • Women have various feelings about their breasts. Being situated on top of your heart, they are part of your heart energy. They can vibrate with love from your heart centre and help you connect to your heart. Breast self-massage helps you consciously connect to your breasts and your heart energy. In the process, you send love to your breasts and feel into their energy.
  • Connecting with your breasts will shift your mindset. This happens from realising and integrating thoughts and experiences around your breasts that you most likely haven’t thought of for awhile, possibly even repressed. It creates a whole new relationship to your body. Feeling shame or that your breasts have to be a certain way to be accepted isn’t good for self-esteem or body acceptance
  • There is so much pressure to have perfect breasts to attract attention and please your partner. With the help of breast massage you can get over this feeling very easily and feel more confident.
  • By constantly massaging the tissue in your breasts it will firm-up and lift. You’ll find after a month of regular practise your breasts will appeared more toned. Breasts often become plumper and more shapely. They start to feel sexier and look sexier too!

Breast Massage

Relaxation Massage
999 60 minutes
  • Breast Grooming
  • Special Breast Cream and Oil
  • Breast relaxation
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